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PVC Fencing

Many styles to choose from

6 foot PVC Privacy


  • Over time, materials have been introduced into the manufacturing process to keep the fence color from fading or the white from ‘yellowing,’ extending the attractiveness of the fence.

  • Aluminum has been added inside the previously hollow fence post and some panels to increase the durability and strength.

  • Vinyl fencing is unaffected by insects or rot, and shouldn’t be painted, making it low maintenance. Only occasional washing is necessary to ensure mold doesn’t build up. This reduces the ongoing cost of the fence.

  • Today’s PVC fencing comes in a variety of styles and colors and can be manufactured with a simulated wood grain.

  • PVC fencing comes in prefabricated panels, making them easier to install. The light-weight material makes them easier to work with on site.


4 foot PVC 1X4 Pickets

gray pvc.jpg

many color choices

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